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Slozzle - What it means & what it does..!

What It Means...

There is no "real" definition of the word Slozzle... However after a simple search on Google, the following came to light.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word "slozzle" is defined as such:

the walk of an obese person, one who is far too large for normal walking. specifically those who have thighs which touch, and knees that face inward. the walk consists of throwing the left side of the body forward, and then the right side, and so on.

"walking is to thin people, as slozzle is to obese people."

What It Does...

Slozzle is a classified listing or ad maker. You simply choose the design you'd like for your ad, insert the text and or information for the listing, upload images if you want, and Poof! Slozzle creates you a nicer "dressed-up" classified listing or ad to post. You can post your listing or ad at your favorite classified site such as Craigslist or wherever else you choose.

Will Work For Food!

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