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Slozzle's Frequently Asked Questions...
That Have Answers.....!

So, you've got some questions.....
We've got some answers! If you don't see your question, you can ask Slozzle here.

How much does this cost?

It's absolutely FREE! - But we gladly accept donations that would be used to keep the site up and continue development.

Can I add images?

Yes! - You can add up to 4 images but they should be no larger than 680 pixels wide and no more than 200k in file size.

Can I add my own html or code?

At this time, we do not support that. Sorry! But in future releases that might be a possibility.

Are you going to add more template choices?

Yes! - Templates will be released periodically. Check back often for updates.

What is with this "Slozzle" thing?

Slozzle is as slozzle does.... Learn More!

Why are you making fun of Slozzle?

Huh? Hopefully everyone's sense of humor hasn't been lost in this day and age of political correctness. The site was intended to be light-hearted and it is. So enjoy it! - Laugh at us, with us, whatever...

Did Slozzle build this site?

Are you kidding me? (That'd be a no). Slozzle never got off the couch so he hired a really smart guy to build it.

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